Cancun's Whale Sharks Will Be Here Soon!

June 21, 2024

Let Us Give you the Scoop on Where and When!

Ever marveled at the sheer size and unique behavior of a whale shark? These magnificent creatures, found in Cancun's warm, open waters, are a sight to behold.

Whale sharks are unique creatures in our fantastic destinations' warm, open waters. However, you have more options than just looking at these fantastic creatures from afar.

Strategic planning is critical if you're eager to witness the awe-inspiring sight of a whale shark in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, off the coast of Cozumel, or any of our other unbelievable destinations. The whale shark season at this time of the year typically spans from early June to mid-September, with the peak occurring between July and August. To maximize your chances, aim for a visit during this period. Keep in mind that whale sharks usually depart Cancun around mid-September.

As you venture into our crystal blue waters, it's of utmost importance to remember that the whale sharks are not far away. The first rule is to respect their space and refrain from touching them. Just like a startled dog, a frightened whale will dive. We strongly urge you to maintain a distance of at least 9 feet from the head of the whale and 14 feet from the tail.

Rest assured, whale sharks are relatively harmless to humans in almost all respects. They sustain themselves on a diet of primarily algae, krill, fish eggs, and other small fish. As the third most enormous creatures in the ocean, they are known for their non-aggressive nature.

One of these unbelievable creatures can live over 100 years old. They reach "maturity" at approximately 30 years of age. We ask that you provide them with the safe space they need, and they will do the same for you.