Interesting Facts about the Cancun Beaches!

October 4, 2022

• The Beaches are Free - Yes, all the public beaches in Cancun are free! You can walk on them all day or take your towel with you to lay down in the sand. Please note, the hotel beaches are not free, but there is plenty of beach space in the 22.5 kilometers (14 miles) of the Hotel Zone to find a spot to relax. • The Sand is Always Cool and…

Ecotourism Travel

September 20, 2022

Ecotourism Travel … The first question that most people ask when talking about Ecotourism is “what is Ecotourism.” There are a number of websites and blogs discussing the concept of Ecotourism, however, when we want to get the most precise information we check back with “The International Ecotourism Society” and their definition of “Ecotourism.”…


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